Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Launching a new Production

A delightful comedy/drama in 2 Acts with new Original music where you'll meet our 4 ladies who meet regularly for lunch in the private dining room of a popular restaurant.

Each of them are dealing with differing life issues and their monthly lunches are are chance to let off some steam...helped along by a cocktail - or 3, a glass or bottle of wine, and bubbles...plenty of bubbles!

Their attentive Maitre' D  welcomes them back each month - after all, they're a profitable booking in their bar bill alone!
Unfortunately, their ambitious and adventurous Chef is driven to distraction in his attempts to tantalise and tempt their palate and tastes.

There's plenty of one-liners in this one and you might have to be quick to catch them all!  And a swag of lovely new songs will help the storyline along too.

You can meet the Cast and their Characters on their own page here go on sale at the beginning of September for 6 performances opening on 20th October.